Meet Sunny’s Friends

Will and Margarita

As a former middle school teacher, Will – known to his friends as Chill Will – saw first hand just how little schools were required to teach kids about solar power and electricity. He teamed up with Margarita, a lawyer and creative spirit from Puerto Rico, and shortly after, the nonprofit organization, Empowered by the Sun (EBS), was born.

After many years of hard work brainstorming, creating, refining, and testing the EBS curriculum, Will and Margarita are ready to take their workshops on the road. With the help of the cutest little solar powered vehicle that could – Sunny, these workshops can come right to your town!

Through their solar powered travels, the EBS team and the resulting Sunny Community will teach the world about solar electricity’s true potential (that’s an electricity pun)!

Have questions for Will and Margarita? Send them an email to and be sure to follow them on social media!


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