Who Is Sunny?

Sunny is a solar powered van on a mission:

To educate, engage, and empower us all toward a bright future!

Sunny will travel all over North America using nothing but the power of the sun. He carries the materials needed to bring hands-on workshops to EVERY destination. He, alongside Will & Margarita, will teach participants about electricity. Every workshop attendee will make their own circuits and use solar power and other renewable energies with their own two hands! Sunny also brings with him a variety of online resources for those who wish to continue learning and developing their newfound solar energy & electricity skills. Be sure to let him know you want to stay in the (circuit) loop before he leaves town!


Sunny’s Vision

Imagine a world with unlimited electricity …

A world where power outages affecting critical services like refrigerated insulin, clean water, and dialysis are a thing of the past. A world where light, heat, and hot water are available for everyone who needs them. This world is possible now. For the longevity of the human species and for the longevity of our Earth, vehicles do not use gas. In fact, no fossil fuels are used.

… and where citizens know how to use it

We at Empowered by the Sun researched the educational standards of all 50 states in the U.S. and found that most students are not taught about solar energy, or even electricity for that matter. And no states require any hands-on education with renewable energy and electricity. The majority of public schools in the U.S. do not require their teachers to educate about renewable energy, solar energy, or electricity. A surprisingly high number of states don’t cover these subjects at all (see infographics)!


This may sound like a thing of the future, but it’s not!

Solar power is a readily available technology that has been around for decades. The price of solar has steadily decreased (graph). Furthermore, solar photo-voltaic cells are made with silicon – one of the most prevalent materials on Earth (sand). Furthermore, solar panels are guaranteed to 80% efficiency for at least 25 years. The first solar panels in the 70s are still working today!

The U.S. RIGHT NOW could be completely powered by solar by using 4.4% of the available city areas that are already built. Only .014% of the US would need to be covered in panels to power all energy needs (not accounting for loss in energy over distance and heat loss). So why are we not embracing solar energy and its potential as a source of unlimited energy?


Click to view the full infographic

Sunny is bringing the LIGHT!

Imagine if instead of being left in the dark, every kid knew how to build their own circuits and their own power generation systems.

By providing students with a fun, engaging, and hands-on way to learn about solar energy and electricity, Sunny empowers our youth with the knowledge, skills, and lifelong tools needed to not only understand how they can live and build a more sustainable life, but also continue to crave knowledge and think critically. Sunny also wants to inspire our students to use what they’ve learned going forward, both personally and professionally.

Did you know that there are more jobs in solar power than all fossil fuel jobs combined? Sunny knows we need to teach our kids the skills that they can use to improve their lives and make a living.

Sunny dreams of sparking a new interest in our students so that they see the possibilities of growing up to become scientists, engineers, technicians, or STEM professionals who carry the world into a brighter future powered by the unlimited potential of the sun.

A vital part of our curriculum is that we provide interested students with the opportunity to access our online curriculum and videos to CONTINUE LEARNING and developing their skills long after the workshop is over.


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